The Big Hearted Way

About Theresa

Three years ago I sat in front of a group of participants of The Big Hearted Way. Accepting their words and hugs of thanks when we parted, I had an all too familiar heavy lump in my stomach. I was teaching others to go where I was too afraid to go myself. That was the last time I held The Big Hearted Way workshop. I decided that until I choose to break open and live my own Big Hearted Way, I could not truly help anyone else to live their Big Hearted Way.

Going on my own Big Hearted Way would be deeply uncomfortable. I knew this. I was exhausted, irritable and depressed. It was time to live the words I had been writing and speaking. It was time to get off the stage I was acting on and stop playing a role that didn’t fit me. So I went about the painful, slow and messy work of applying The Big Hearted Way to myself instead of distracting myself with everyone else’s pain.

Over the years, I lost myself. Not in a big dramatic or traumatic moment. More in a slow, gradual shutting down sort of way. But the slow and non-dramatic way is often the most dangerous form of soul disconnection. It is so gradual and subtle that we fail to be alerted by it. So we get on with life. We toughen up. We grow up. We shut down. We call this living. I call it dying.

We go searching outside of our self for the missing piece. We get in on the act. It seems safer than rocking the boat. When the world around you is telling you who you are and you are in on the act, the last thing you want is to hear your soul pipe up, hey I’m here. FInding my Big Hearted Way has given me the courage to live by my soul. To be free. To trust that my soul will always show me the way. Now I’d love to help you to find your Big Hearted Way.


Theresa Rock is an Irish author and creator of the spiritual and emotional wellness program, The Big Hearted Way. She offers her audience a refreshing mix of personal stories and thought-provoking insights to help them to love and know themselves. Theresa lives on the west coast of Ireland with her two children.