Welcome. Here I am.

My intention is to help people overcome the challenges they face in life, so they can actually enjoy this life.

So many people feel an emptiness in their lives. A yearning to feel happy. They are tired of the constant going, but they don’t know how to stop. Or they’re afraid to stop.

I also work with groups (online and in workshops) to help them let go of what’s holding them back. My focus is on helping them discover their spiritual and emotional power, so they can make the right decisions in their lives.




I share videos and writing here to help people to find the answers they are searching for on this journey.

I’m on this journey with you – sifting through life, sometimes soaring. Always looking for ways to feel joy. Especially in the pain. Because often the real power lies in those moments.

You won’t find me on social media. I left that world so I could live more fully in my own world. And it’s working out quite well.

I speak to groups.

I speak to groups that want to make a difference. This is for determined people who have a niggling desire to be greater – to get past their fears and doubt and grow through their challenges and struggles. It’s for smart people who want honest and real guidance to take the steps to build the life they really want.

Think of me as a motivational speaker for people who don’t like motivational. I’m more about digging deep to help you find who you are – because that’s where the real strength lies. I don’t do hype. Instead I use encouragement and straight talking openness to help people recover and develop their own powerful purpose. My style is conversational, honest and uplifting. People leave feeling uplifted and strong. And the feeling lasts. Because that’s essential.

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