I’m here to help you grow towards the light. Often this involves going through challenges and pain.

When we choose to feel our pain rather than numb it out, we break open and we find who we really are. We feel real joy. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

I’m here to support you on your journey. Because the world needs more light – your light.


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theresa Rock https://theresarock.com

theresa Rock https://theresarock.com

  • Theresa’s Big Hearted Writing is perfect.
    She tunes into what you need and delivers on it. Her passion and knowledge is second to none and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    Simon Jordan – One Planet One Place

  • I’ve known Theresa for a few years now and am an avid viewer of her weekly videos. She has a unique talent for being thought provoking and challenging whilst remaining supportive and nurturing. Check out her next Big Hearted Question video on her facebook timeline and get involved.

    Pete Bennett – Founder Buzz Conferencing – London

  • Theresa’s content is always rich, honest and uplifting. She gives people the courage to be true to themselves. And that’s pretty rare.

    Eliska Nus – Psychotherapist – London

  • Theresa is one of the most genuine, authentic and insightful people I know. She has the most incredible power to inspire and to get you to think in a more powerful way. To live a more meaningful and joyous life.

    Bob Buckley – The Soul Scientist – Lancashire

  • If you’re tired of all the fake self-help stuff out there, you’ll be relieved to see Theresa’s work. She’s determined to help people find their own way, instead of following the crowds.

    Jude Dunican – Cosmetic Nurse – Harley Street London

  • Theresa’s approach is a mix of uplifting self-help, honesty and inspiration – something we all need.

    Ber Collins – Symphony of Health – Ireland

  • Theresa’s videos are something I look forward to seeing each week. She’s real, upfront and always speaks from the heart.

    Oskar Boral – Photographer – Ireland

  • Theresa’s weekly videos spurred me on to make some big changes I had been thinking about for so long.

    Nicola Gallagher – Beauty Therapist

  • I love Theresa’s thoughtful yet impactful style. I know her lessons are born out of her own personal story and experiences. This is a great approach to gently point you in the direction of what you truly want.

    Dave Gammon – Sleeping Tiger – London

  • Theresa has a unique way of capturing thoughts and concepts and making them real, almost tangible.

    Patrick Mercie – Founder of Forward 2 Success

  • Theresa is simply great! She is creative, motivated and the utmost professional.

    Bernie Browne – Market IT

  • Theresa has a gift for getting complex thoughts and ideas across in a very simple way that is so easy to engage with and understand.

    Noel Scanlon – Projects Manager – WiA

  • Theresa’s videos are so inspiring. If I ever hit that afternoon slump, they always kick start me into action!

    Pete Duffy – The Dreams Loft – Ireland

  • Theresa helps you get clear on what you really want – in a way that naturally ignites more passion in your life. 

    Annita Keane –  Bestselling Author – USA